Anclote Isle Whiskey
Illustrated whiskey label with a nautical theme. A modern twist on the classic, ornate look of liquor packaging.
Tarpon Springs Shuffleboard Club
Logo and t-shirt design for a local shuffleboard club dedicated to soaking up sun and practicing for retirement.
Against the Grain
Branding and product concept for laser engraving shop.
Stalwart Typeface
This typeface was inspired by elements found in architecture, woodwork and tattoo lettering. Consistent vertical and horizontal widths from a strong foundation for logos, headlines and illustrations. It pairs particularly well with monoline designs. Whether you’re aiming for vintage or modern, Stalwart is built give your work a look that will stand the test of time.
Vitality Outdoors
This is a concept for a website/app geared towards helping people share ideas on things to do outdoors. Ideally, they could share activities, locations and photos. A contributor could tag the location of a quiet place to hang a hammock and read a book, or share a photo from their canoe trip.
Just Peachy - Script Typeface
A clean, yet expressive script typeface. Large, swooping strokes create dynamic thicks and thins while maintaining easy legibility. Its elegant lines, combined with an imperfect brush script style, create an authentic look appropriate in almost any situation. It is ideal for logo design and display use.
Original Sixer
A concept inspired by playing beer league hockey and everything that goes with it.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Movie Poster
Vector illustrated 27"x40" movie poster inspired by the Wyld Stallyns.
Calvin & Hobbes Typographic Posters
A series of posters inspired by quotes from the legendary comic strip by Bill Watterson.
Colorful Words: All Good Things [Digital Coloring Book]
A collection of whimsical phrases hand-lettered for your coloring pleasure.
WHEELNRIP Book Concept
Images and advice from those living a fun, spontaneous lifestyle.
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